The M550 from Slick Audio is our smallest, quietest, and most portable audio PC for DAW’s.


The L1000 is a 15.6″ laptop powerful enough for music creation at an affordable price

The L1500 … our 15″ Extreme Audio Laptop

The L1500 is Slick Audio’s 15.6″ high-end laptop computer.  With an Intel i7 6700K running at 4.00GHz (4 Core), 32GB of RAM (upgradable to 64GB), an NVidia GTX 1060 6GB Video Card, two SSD hard drives, and Thunderbolt, this laptop is a powerhouse for recording on the go.

T2000 / R2000

The T2000 (tower) and R2000 (rack) are very powerful and fully expandable audio PC’s.  They offer tremendous CPU and Hard Drive options.

T4000 / R4000

Our most powerful single processor audio PC.  With up to 64GB of RAM and full hardware RAID, this is one potent PC.

T5000 / R5000

Our most powerful audio PC for DAW’s.  The most powerful audio PC on the planet, bar none.  If you are a professional and need speed and redundancy, this is your machine.


We offer a complete line of I/O devices, software, Mics, control surfaces … just about anything you can think of for recording audio in the studio and live.