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The Ultimate Audio PC’s

Computers for Audio Production

Record Audio on Windows




Slick Audio- The Ultimate Audio PC


The Ultimate Audio PC

 Slick Audio M560 - Audio Recording Computer Audio PC


Smallest DAW Computer



Record Audio on Windows
Optimizing Windows to Record Audio.

Optimizing Windows to Record Audio.


DAW Computers & PC's for audio recording
Best DAW Computers

The Best DAW Computers or PC’s for Recording Audio


Slick Audio at Summer NAMM 2017

Get off this Mac vs PC B.S.


Audio PC vs Big Box Stores.

Slick Audio PC’s vs Big Box Store PC’s


PC vs Mac -

PC vs Mac – You Must Be An Idiot.

Slick Audio Gaming

Game Audio, Yes We Make PC’s For THAT.




Hackintosh, What’s That?


Performer Magazine Slick Audio
Slick Audio T2000 Audio PC: Our Review

Performer Magazine T2000 Audio PC: Our Review


Audio Recording, Processing Plugins & More
Explaining Audio Recording, Plugins, and Processing

Audio Recording. Processing, Plugins & More


Interfaces for recording audio
Slick audio reviews interfaces.

Jim takes a look at digital audio recording interfaces.


Do I need a large audio recording studio?
Do I need a Large Studio to Make Good Music?

Do I Need A Large Studio To Make Quality Music?

Jim of Slick Audio asks you want questions do you have?
Questions for Slick Audio


Submit Your Comments & Questions For Jim


Did you back up today?


Did I say Back Up?

Raid for recording audio.
Understanding RAID for Audio

Understanding RAID for Audio

Slick Audio at Summer NAMM 2017
Slick Audio Summer NAMM 20117

Get off this Mac vs PC B.S.

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