Are DJ’s Really Musicians?



This past week in music Jim took a moment to wish DJ Avicii friends, family, and fans a heartfelt farewell to this young DJ who captured a great deal of buzz the past few years. The Swedish musician who rose to fame after his breakout hit “levels“.  Avicii went on to produce multiple hits touring around the world.

Avicci who rose to fame quickly decided to retire and move his interests into other things and retired from music in 2016 just a few years after “making it”.    He had a few medical issues over the past few years which might have lead to his retirement.

Although he was new to fame in music, his influence, creativity, and passion for making music were truly inspiring to so many.   Thanks for making the world a better place through music.

Jim also discussed his thoughts about DJ’s and how they have impacted the music industry.

The use of these groundbreaking technology has opened up the world of music creation and production to so many.   It allows a revolutionary artist to design music without even knowing how to play an instrument.  Regardless it does not take away the artistic ability they have to create a great song or piece of music.

So what do you think do you have to play an instrument to be a musician?




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