Slick Audio as seen on Spectre VC

Glenn Fricker - Slick Audio

Glenn Fricker & SpectreSoundStudios 

Sas recently mentioned on a video from Glenn Fricker of Spectre Slick Audio wound Studios he has a very cool music review channel. (You Need to Check Him Out). He talks about everything you would want to know about recording audio, gear reviews, interviews with music insiders.  He does a great segment where he reads comments and questions he got online and man is it a fun watch.

His videos are powerful, with great insight and a level of honesty and comedy you are going to love.  So be sure to check him out then subscribe to his channel and hit that bell to get the alerts for his new stuff which he puts out a lot each week.

Mentioning Slick Audio

His latest video embedded below Glenn did a mention for Slick Audio take a few minutes to watch Glenn in action, and his kind words about Slick Audio.

Glenn Fricker is UNINSPIRING!!! | Spectre VC

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