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Slick Audio Computer Customer Review

A recent testimonial from a satisfied customer, that purchase a Slick Audio Computer.

“Loving the Slick laptop thus far. Runs perfectly and I don’t have to think about it. I dove right in to an album mix project on it, and so far, not once, have I had to think about the computer. I can’t imagine any higher praise than that. :-)”



Unstoppable PCs for Music Production | Slick Audio

Slick Audio is featured in the December issue of Music Trades

Music Trades recently did a feature with Slick Audio.  The topic Slick Audio Computer specialist optimizes unstoppable PCs for music production.

Based in White Haven, Pennsylvania, between Allentown and Scranton, Slick Audio offers a selection of laptop, mini, tower, and rack-mounted PCs for setups large and small. At the affordable end of the spectrum are it’s 2100/2200 Series desktop/rack models.   Including a series of mini computers, and a series of laptops.  And at the high end, there are the 4100 Series towers and racks which are designed for any pro needs.

The Slick Audio PC’s are custom designed computers with the needs of musicians, creative individuals at the heart of the products they make.  Slick Audio knows music and the creative process as musicians they know how to make the best computer for your musical needs.

The full feature describes more about Slick Audio, the computers we make and why Slick Audio, makes the best computers for audio creation.

For the full article please go to Music Trades or download the article here.

Latency in Recording Music – What is it and How Do I Fix IT?

Latency in Recording

What is Latency? – The time it takes the sound to transmit through air. ( Usually measured in milliseconds when recording audio). Latency in recording audio is described as the delay generated when a signal is routed through a digital audio workstation and connected peripherals.

How does Latency Affect Recording Audio?   An example would be if a MIDI note generated on your keyboard leaves it is sent to the computers CPU processor.   The corresponding sound from your software instrument is then generated by your CPU.   The signal is then sent back to your interface and converted and sent out as an analog signal to your speakers for example.

Jim Slick of Slick Audio, reviews Latency, what it is and how to fix it when recording audio in a computer.


Melancon Guitar builds a Slick Audio Guitar

Slick Audio Guitar

Just in time for Christmas 2018, GERARD MELANCON  of Melancon Guitars made Jim’s holiday season just a little bit brighter.  He sent in a much anticipated “Slick Audio Guitar” that was made at Melancon studio.  Like a little kid, Jim checked his email several times a day over the last few days hoping that he would see an out for a delivery message.  And after much excitement, the email came in that the guitar was being delivered.

The AHHH’s and OOOO’s

We are happy to say the guitar arrived and after a painful wait for the guitar to warm up to the temperature of the room, which seemed to an eternity. We were able to open the now room temperature prized guitar and see the work that Gerard’s team had done.  We started with the case, which is stunning in itself a work of art, we then popped open the guitar to lots of AHHH’s and OOOO’s.  The smile from Jim’s face said it all the Slick Audio guitar was something of a work of art and needed to have its picture taken.  So we did and below are some of those pictures and the unboxing video that tells the rest of the story.  Gerard, you definitely made this big kid’s Christmas thank you for the beautiful work.

You Need A Melancon Guitar

Anyone out there considering a custom guitar from Melancon Guitars get one NOW they are beautiful. The Craftsmanship and effort to detail are outstanding and needs to be seen.  This guitar sounds great even without it plugged in, she can sing.  More videos and reviews to come so stay tuned.




How to Record Audio on Windows 10 DAW

Recording Audio Windows 10 - Slick Audio

Record Audio on Windows 10 DAW

Are you saying Windows can be used to record audio?  Yes, it’s true Windows can be used to record audio.  Windows is fully capable of recording audio in any studio.

Although it’s true that inside of a PC and a Mac they may contain some very similar hardware.   A major difference lies in the Operation System which is where the confusion all got started (See the video for more about this).

Windows had been long thought of as hard to work with or not made for audio recording.  When nothing could be further from the truth.  A properly configured Windows PC can record audio and do it better than any Mac out there.

You can only record audio on Apple computers – The Myth

Apple for many years has held a somewhat mythical spot in the audio community that seemed invincible with fictional claims like you can only record audio on Apple computers.

PC users have been long-suffering using Windows for recording audio.  Not to say that Windows doesn’t work. But with a combination of ill-informed Apple users saying things like Apple is more elegant, or Apple is for artists.  And PC’s not configured for audio recording the myth stuck.

So How is Windows Different?

Well with Windows 7 & 8 and especially Windows 10 which was released July 29, 2015, more of the audio hardware and software manufacturers are making their software Windows compliant.  Building driver support and Windows is making many drivers native to it’s OS, like Thunderbolt.

Apple Abandoned the music industry

Since Windows 10 release more musicians have begun to realize that Apple has all but abandoned them and the music industry no longer making computers powerful enough to power their studios and the software needed to run a home recording studio let alone a pro studio.

Hackintosh is Not the Cure

After Apple stopped making pro series computers that the music community was drawn to in mass.  A sense of panic started to fill the music industry.  The feeling of what do I do, how can I keep my Mac going?

So Apple users bought up all the hardware they could to repair their aging computers. Hoping that Apple would remember them and release a new computer for their creative purposes.  But when Apple did not release new computers capable of filling that need.

Many Apple users began a misguided attempt to take more modern and powerful PC’s and install a hacked copy of Apples Operating System on them.  They are referred to as Hackintosh computers.

Many people don’t realize that Apple’s software license for macOS only permits the software’s use on computers that are “Apple-branded.”  So making a “Hackintosh Computer” is not legal and we do not recommend that you do this.

So what can you do?

Slick Audio makes Windows-based PC’s that are engineered to record audio and designed to meet your needs.

But Windows Can’t

Apple users are quick to say things like well Windows can’t play audio from Youtube or some other website through a Windows DAW.  They are correct that you can’t play or record audio say from a browser like chrome browsing Youtube. So this makes Apple better?  Easier, maybe but not better.

It doesn’t mean Windows can’t ever play audio from the internet, just that users don’t know how to make it work.   So we put together a video explaining more about what causes this issue and how to work around it so you have the functionality you’re looking for.

Here is where a little piece of software comes in and helps you.  It’s called VOICEMEETER Virtual Audio Mixer.  

The manufacturer says,Voicemeeter is Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications.”

Silent PC | Quiet PC for Audio Recording

Quiet PC and Silent Computers

Specializing in quiet PC and silent computers for recording audio is what Slick Audio does.  Slick Audio recording computers are known in the recording industry as the Ultimate Audio PC and for good reason.  Slick Audio computers are unsurpassed in quality, innovation, and engineering. They are purpose-built computers designed to record audio.

Our computers which come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs are made for the purpose of making the best audio possible.  Regardless of the audio, you are recording we make a Computer for your needs.

Music production computer, we got them.  Live audio recording computers, yes we got them.  Computers for recording game audio, we have them too.  Well, what about Quite laptop computers for recording my first album from my small studio apartment.   Don’t tell anyone but yes.  We have computers that you can put into a small room like your bedroom, record your first album.  You can even score a major motion film that’s sure to win the Oscar for best soundtrack in a film.

Silent PC  – Fanless and Quiet PCs

Jim gives you his thoughts on Silent PC’s, Quiet PC’s, and fanless computers in a recent video.  We are recording audio we want quiet PC’s that is the bottom line.   So let’s talk about form factors and how that affects computer noise.

With all computers or technology, there always comes a price for power.  Meaning that the more powerful the computer the CPU or Graphics Card you have on your computer the more it can do but this comes at a cost.  The cost for the more powerful computer is heat dissipation.

Rack Style Computers

Slick Audio Computers Open Rack PC

First, there are Rack computer systems which are not overly quite do for several reasons.  They are difficult to cool effectively since there’s not much room to add quiet cooling options like liquid cooling.  Also, do to the shape of the computer case which can cause standing waves and odd sound reflections (Think of an acoustically tuned room).  Most studios keep these rack style computers in equipment rooms so noise isn’t much of an issue.

Tower Computers or Desktop Computers

Slick Audio Pro Audio Recording Computer

Next is tower style computers, think PC or desktop computer.   In our opinion, they are really the best option for several reasons.

  1. We can liquid cool the CPU’s which is a much quieter way of cooling.
  2. Larger blade fans that run at lower RPM’s (revolutions per minute).   Less buffeting of the air and oscillation which is one of the major sounds of a fan.
  3. Better sound absorbing insulation in the case.
  4. Cases that are not perfectly square eliminating standing waves.

*Important Tip

As some fan noise is to be expected, running a computer at almost 100% CPU utilization will cause the fans to struggle to keep the computer cool and will run load and fast.  Do not do this because computers running too hot and improperly cooled will fail.

Laptops and Tablet Computers

Slick Audio L1300 Computer Music Production        Slick Audio L1750 Laptop Computer Music Production open off

We offer two types of laptops.  First a traditional style, a small thin light mobile laptop.  Running CPU’s designed to get the best battery life and are meant to record like 30 -50 tracks with some plugins.  The person who would use a DAW computer like this would be someone who records live sound like maybe a band at a gig or personal need with small track counts.

The second would be desktop replacement computers running the same CPU and graphics card that would be in a desktop computer (meaning they are mobile but replace the need for a desktop computer).   They have very fast CPU’s, bigger screens, more power and can be a bit larger in sizes like 14, 15,or 17 inches in size.   These larger laptops can if they are running full utilization can get a bit noisy, because of the fans cooling off these larger, more powerful components.  Which is to be expected when putting all that power in the small size of a laptop computer.


Other Audio PC’s | Small Form Factor Audio Recording Computers

M560 Audio Recording PC m570 

We also have a line of small size computers.  These computers are designed to be used in areas that are limited on space but still need to run DAW software.  Think of tour buses, hotel rooms, etc.  Anywhere you want to have a computer but don’t have the space to put one or the need for a laptop or desktop computer.

We offer multiple models with a few outputs all the way through a lot of input and outputs like our M500, M550, M560, or M570 audio recording computers.   They are smaller, quiet and great for the tour bus or bedroom audio recording or working on small projects.


Jim recorded a video regarding Quiet PC, Silent Computers, and Quiet computer for recording audio.






Slick Audio Computer Dealers Wanted

Slick Audio Dealers Wanted

If you are a Music Store, Lighting, and Audio Production Company, Music Teachers or Technology Integrator,  and want to stand out from the big box stores.  Then you know you need to offer products that make your store stand out. Slick Audio wants to talk to you today. Dealers Wanted to represent and sell Slick Audio computers.

You DO NOT Need To:

  • Stock Any inventory
  • Do Any Selling
  • Know anything about Computers
  • No Money to Collect
  • No Returns to Worry About

What We Offer Easy Sales Options

  • Simply add a link to your website
  • Submit customer contact info on a web form and a presales audio technician will contact the customer to help them configure the proper computer for their needs.

How Does it Work?

Once you have been approved as a reseller, Slick Audio provides a link when you enter the information for the customer and a pre-sales engineer contacts the customer to gather information and help them determine what is the best computer for their needs.  The customer logs into a secure website and pays for the computer.  You never need to collect any money, know anything about what computer fits their needs, ship any products, or provide any support.  This is all done by Slick Audio.

How Do I Get Paid?

Great question with a simple answer.  For each computer sold from the customer referral information, your company provides Slick Audio.   You will be paid a one time commission.  (Call for Full Details)


Contact our sales department at 570-371-5800 or fill out our contact form 
Our staff can help you fill out a dealer application. Dealer – minimal information is required.