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Building a Studio

Are you Building a Recording Studio, and you need a little help making sure you get the correct gear for your needs?  The experts at Slick Audio want to help you Build a Recording Studio from Scratch, by offering some help and guidance when designing a recording studio for the first time.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Maybe you are just updating your current recording control room with some new digital gear.  You want to be certain you get the best system for your needs.  Slick Audio starts this process by speaking with you, we will understand everything you are looking to accomplish with your Pro Recording Studio or even your Home Recording Studio, for those looking to record at home.  We will help you with everything from the computer, interface, and DAW down to plugin or VI level.

Get Professional Advise

We understand how it’s done.  Don’t waste time and money guessing, call us and get it right the first time 570-371-5800.


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