Racking AMPS, Networking Guitars and New Studio Setup


Racking AMPS, Networking Guitars, and New Studio Setup

Slick Audio has been doing some updates to the studio and thought we would bring some updates to everyone on some cool new changes that have been put in place.

Jim Slick of Slick Audio reviews some of the changes being made to the office studio. How to rack multiple amps, with live switching. (How you can use all your guitar amps easily by Racking your amps, Networking Guitars or Bass to switch between the amps live easily.) Jim also gives an overview of how to get your audio into your DAW Computer for recording.






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DAW Computers

Did you ever want to create and record your own music, but you don’t know where or how to get started?  manufacturing Pro Audio Recording Computers and Home Studio Recording Computers are what Slick Audio does.  And we do it well that is why we make the “The Ultimate Audio PC“.

Many people don’t realize that top recording artists like Adam Young of Owl City (and countless others) have created award-winning music recorded from their own homes on DAW’s.  SlickAudio-Tower - Final-Cropped

Slick Audio from Slick Cyber Systems can get you everything you need to complete your recording system. It doesn’t matter how big or small, whether you are playing in your bedroom, at the club, at worship services or working in a full Pro Studio. Slick Audio has the Digital Audio Workstation Computers, DAW software, plugins, microphone pre-amps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, mixers, and control surfaces for you.

Slick Audio began out of a serious passion for the music industry, over 33 years of professional musicianship, 20+ years using and designing DAW’s, and coupled with more than 31 years of professional IT experience and knowledge.   Slick Audio DAW’s Computers (Digital Audio Workstations) are the best computer systems for today’s Pro or Home Studio needs.  With years of Information Technology and music industry experience, Slick Audio custom designed a line of Digital Audio Workstations to be unmatched in Performance by any other manufacturer.  All this backed by an available full 3-year warranty!  No other DAW brand has this.  We are constantly researching and developing the best and most reliable computer technologies on the planet. Our long history of large computer installs, SAN technology, and superior backup strategies sets the benchmark for what an audio recording computer manufacturer should be.

Slick Audio sets a whole new industry standard for performance and reliability with Audio Computer systems tailored for Pro Audio, Music Creation, Audio Recording, Recording Music, Audio for Gaming and Post Production needs.

Slick Audio DAW’s are:

  • Custom engineered audio recording computers designed specifically for your needs as a pro commercial recording studio, home recording studio, or post-production facility.SlickAudio-Rack-FinalCropped
  • We offer optional ready-to-use, turn-key audio recording computer, with such DAW software as Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase, and Nuendo as well as many other brands and countless plugins.
  • Each system is thoroughly tested and burned-in for out of the box reliability.
  • We also offer hardware interfaces, control surfaces, microphones, and much more.
  • Each of our audio recording computers is engineered and assembled with the highest standards.
  • All of our DAW’s are extremely reliable with rock-solid up-time with an available 3-year warranty. No other manufacturer offers this kind of warranty.
  • We also offer RAID in our higher-end systems which protects against hard disk failure, thus, eliminating downtime.SlickAudio-Rack-7 - Cropped
  • Our rack systems offer hot-swap hard drives, allowing you to replace a failed hard drive without having to open the case.

So what is a DAW Computer?

Simply stated, a “DAW Computer” is a computer that records audio.

Slick Audio Laptop Computer Music Production side Slick Audio L1700 Laptop Computer Music Production open

So what makes up a DAW recording system?

At the heart of the system are powerful computers and a digital audio interface which allows the recording of instruments or voice from mics and instruments that is all controlled and manipulated by a wide array of software allowing for the true creativity of the artist to shine through.

Why would I want one these in my studio?

DAW computers are used on over 98% of the studio’s worldwide. They make music creation, audio recording, game audio, and production much easier than it was back in the ‘tape deck’ world. You can access a song, or part of a song, instantly and create as many tracks as your system can handle (the more powerful the system, the more tracks it can record and playback). You can mix this technology with older analog gear, newer digital gear (both referred to as outboard gear), or, mix completely ‘in the box’ where all processing is done inside the DAW by plugins. In the end, you end up with a studio that is much easier to use, consumes less power, and takes far less time to produce professional results.

Why Choose Slick Audio?

  • Professionalism
  • The Best Customer Service in the Industry.
  • Superior Knowledge of Pro Audio and Computers
  • Exceptional Service
  • Unmatched Support
  • Available 3-year warranty

With our vast IT and musical experience, and an excellent reputation, we know how to build recording studios and record audio.  Whether its music or a business commercial, capturing the right audio moment is what Slick Audio is all about.  We make the absolute best DAW’s on the planet.  Contact us today at (570) 371-5800 or fill out the form below for a quote.

Click here for a list of our audio recording computers.

Performer Magazine T2000 Audio PC: Our Review

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What DAW Software Should I Use?

DAW Software Questions

DAW Software

What DAW software should I use?  We get questions from time to time about DAW software and if we could make some recommendations on what is the best DAW software for my needs?  So we thought that we would  share a question from Jakub Baranowski

How to Record Beats

Processing Audio - Slick Audio

Hi Jim! You probably try out many, if not every DAW on the market. Could you recommend one or two DAW’s which are absolutely for all applications? I mean recording, mixing, mastering, producing, beat making? There’s a lot of articles about this and most of them say – if your recording and mixing go for Pro Tools and if you wanna Record Beats then maybe Ableton or FL Studio… blah blah blah But what if you wanna make ALL of those things in one DAW?? Is it possible?

How Many HDD/SSD Should A DAW Have

And my second question is: “How many HDD/SSD should have a typical DAW computer? I heard that you must have separate disks for OS/DAW, samples, projects, sounds libraries, etc. How it should be installed and use to get the speed, stability, etc. during work on DAW computer? Could you explain this topic more?”

Thanks in advance for answers and thanks for your great videos! It’s a mine of knowledge!


Jim took a moment to answer his question.  Jakub, there are some options out there not great meaning that although some of the DAW software can do these functions.

DAW Software

Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One 3, even Pro Tools are the best option for recording, but mastering and making beats.  Although each of these software suites can do these tasks via virtual instruments they are not the best options.  Software like FL Studios was created for making beats and is very good at it.  While Wavelab is the best way to do the mastering of audio.  So pick the DAW software you know and like and use these other programs to fill and give you great beats or audio mastering.

If you still have questions, please call us at 570-371-5800

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Best CPU for Recording Audio

Slick Audio Recording CPU

Music Recording Processors

Jim, of Slick Audio, took a moment to review processors and how they could impact your recording sessions.  He discussed Intel’s current generation of i7x processors “CPU’s”.  And why Slick Audio decided to incorporate the i7 and i9 into the current line up of Slick Audio’s audio recording computers.

CPU for recording audio – Processors for recording

Speed is a big piece no one likes using a computer that is slow.  Am I right it’s painful and even stressful to sit and wait for the computer to respond or load.   Let alone try to make something creative like a song or record some music.   So it’s key to ensure that the CPU or processors are taken into consideration when building a computer for recording audio.

CPU Processor Size Matters

Jim has mentioned in a few other posts and videos (like the Ultimate Audio PC) that when you are getting a computer for recording audio.  Its so important to size this computer correctly and knowing how you intend on using it will ensure that the proper computer is configured to your needs.  The i7x is a great processor to start off with because it has a great mix of speed, power, and ability.  This CPU could work well for many people looking to record audio.  Many pro studios utilize this processor for their needs and it works just fine.  But when you get into lots of virtual instruments, plugins, and other effects then you would want to consider using an i9 processor instead.

Slick Audio - Intel CPU

The i9 Processor

In other videos and the video attached below, Jim also discussed the current i9x processor by Intel and the fantastic results we are getting in extreme computers like the 4100 series computer we offer.   The i9x is definitely the processor you want if you regularly run larger projects, lots of plugins and virtual instruments all active (not frozen).

So what’s the Best CPU for Recording Audio

Jim, made a video below where he discusses his thoughts on what the best CPU or processor for recording audio is.   After watching give us your thoughts or questions what the best CPU would be and why?



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The Best DAW Computers or PC’s for Recording Audio

The Best DAW Computers or PC’s for Recording Audio

Slick Audio - Unstoppable PC's

Best Audio Recording Computer

Looking for The Best DAW Computers or PC’s for Recording Audio?  First let me start by saying recording audio today can seem confusing. Even if you’re a seasoned pro. Technology moves fast. So fast in fact that it can sometimes seem like its running away.

If your reading this article then you’ve likely had a few questions and you have been doing a little homework on the internet. So we have some information we hope will clear things up for you.

So, who are we you might ask? We are Slick Audio manufacturers DAW Computers, PC’s & Laptops for Music Production, Game Audio, Post Production, Music Recording.  We are writing this article to help answer some misunderstanding that exist on the internet regarding Computers for audio production.


How do I build a computer for audio production?

Building A DAW PC

The first common misconception is a popular one. It’s that you can go online and do a quick search for a common query.  Now as it is possible to build a computer for audio production it’s not as simple as going online and buying the cheapest parts you can find, shoving them in a case and putting any software on it and Bam you have a top of the line DAW computer.

Pro Audio DAW Computers & Laptops for Music Production.

Are in fact specialized computers that require specific hardware that must perform in a very specific manner to take the audio you are creating and add effects, virtualized instruments, other tracks together to make the end product success and sound great.

10 best computers for music production and recording.

Slick Audio Pro Audio Recording Computer

Reading the lists. Everyone out there knows what I am talking about. You search the internet for 10 best computers for music production and recording. And you get a bunch of lists that some agree on one computer and others disagree on another computer.

As these lists can be helpful to get you started at looking for features that are helpful or informing you of possible solutions that “could” fit your need. They can do more harm than good because when they tell you the best choices on their list. The list is often written because they have a special need that may not be the same as yours. This can leave struggling to make the suggested computer working for your needs.

What are you to do then, give up? No that’s not what we are saying. We believe the best thing to do is to call a company like Slick Audio.   Slick Audio manufactures computers specifically for audio production. The DAW computers we make are designed with your need and use in mind. We work with you to customize your DAW computer to fit those needs and advise you of the best overall solution for your needs.

We believe Slick Audio simply makes The Best DAW Computers, Laptops, PC’s, Towers, Racks Mount computers available.

We know this because the DAW computers that Slick Audio makes are designed for your specific need.  Slick Audio DAW computers support Windows-based DAW software.  OK, but is your favorite DAW software actually supported? Call us we can review it with you and answer any questions you might have. To help ensure that you get what you are looking for in a studio.

Slick Audio’s Computers are truly the Ultimate DAW Computers or DAW PC’s you can buy for your studio.  Because big or small we make a DAW computer for all your music production and pro video needs.

Slick Audio also carries a full line of Pro Audio recording gear, components, mics, mixers, cables, software to name few.   Slick Audio carries anything needed to set up a pro studio.  We truly are a one-stop shop for all your recording needs.  We can provide all of your gear needs.

Unlike other stores or websites. Slick Audio doesn’t just sell you the gear and software and abandon you to build the studio of your dreams.  Slick Audio also has the knowledge and expertise on how to set up and configure that studio.

Regardless if it’s a small bedroom studio or a modern multi-room fully networked environment.  Slick Audio has the tech skills and experience to guide you to create your perfect studio.

Alex Agento in Studio - Slick Audio endorsee

OK, so Slick Audio knows computers. But how does that make Slick Audio experts in what a pro studio might need?  Well, that’s easy, the same I.T. experts who created Slick Audio are also musicians who have just as much experience making, writing, recording music.

In addition to realizing the pro audio market needed pro computers designed for recording audio.  We also realized that not everyone has the same 30 plus years of I.T. expertise to keep a DAW computerized studio running without the occasional need for help.

So Slick Audio in addition to manufacturing the best computers for recording.   We decided to use all those years of professional I.T. experience to design a 24 hour a day 7 day a week help desk solution for musicians.  This service is designed to help keep your
DAW ComputerAudio PC, up and running thereby removing your need to be a computer technician.   Our techs keep everything running so you can just keep recording and making music.

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Smallest DAW Computer – Ultra Compact PC

Slick Audio M560 DAW Computer


Smallest DAW Computer

If you are into recording audio, you know gear can really take up a bunch of room.   Do any Drummers out there know what I am talking about?  So if you have a bunch of instruments then you can dedicate a lot of space to your instruments  Like the whole basement of your house or Even your garage.  But what is a someone in an apartment, condo, or touring musician to do when they are limited on space?

Slick Audio has got you covered with the Smallest DAW Computer (audio recording computer) imaginable.  Slick Audio makers of The best computers for recording music.  For the home or any pro, the studio has made a-line of Ultra-Compact PC’s for recording audio and the M560 is the smallest in the ultra-compact computer category.

Slick Audio designed line-of DAW computers for audio production with small spaces in mind.  These small form factor computers might not take up much space on your desk.  But they will impress you with the amount of power they have for recording your projects on your favorite DAW software.

This Tiny PC is powerful and made for anyone that needs to Record audio but needs a small computer.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.  You can lay multiple tracks, Virtual Instruments, and plugins with this little beast. The M560 is about the size of a few CD’s stacked up. It contains only one small fan and its extremely quiet. Perfect for a Bedroom, tour bus, or dressing room, where space is at a premium. There are no expansion slots on this because of its size, but, it kicks one heck of a punch for a box this small. Comes standard with an Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 525GB M.2 SSD. It also has built-in Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Intel Iris Plus 640 Graphics, as well as Ethernet and HDMI video outs. The M560 also has two USB 3.0, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 and an SDXC card slot.


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Slick Audio Blog

Discussing all things related to recording and creating audio.   With 30+ years in Information Technology, and decades of being a professional musician Slick Audio has the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance on recording audio and how to do it like the pros.  Home Studios, for recording audio, are ever more available to amateur musician and the power of the internet can get you and your work noticed by the masses.  A seasoned pro, well no worry we can easily handle all your pro audio needs.  Will pro audio, gear, software, computer, interface, and everything a professional musician could ever want or need.

We hope to inform, inspire, and provide guidance from the perspective of musicians, that happen to be I.T. experts so you don’t have to be.  Let us impart some wisdom, a few laughs and even a bit of frustration all in the pursuit of the best audio you can record.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just for yourself, recording and producing a top-notch worship service, business commercials, game audio or for pro music recordings.  Slick Says Blog is designed for helping the music community.

Who will benefit from our blog?  Well anyone that wants to know more about recording audio or love technology.  But a few that will find it particularly useful will be.

  • Amateur Musicians
  • Game Audio 
  • Worship Services
  • Educational 
  • Pro Musicians
  • Home Musicians

Now to the fun stuff below are a few topics we feel passionate about or feel are worthy of sharing so please feel free to join in an and give us your thoughts.  But keep it friendly, remember it’s about the music, the song, or the love of music.


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Do I Need A Large Studio To Make Quality Music?

Do I Need A Large Studio To Make Quality Music?

Jim Slick, President, and CEO of Slick Audio are often asked. Do I Need a Large Studio to Make Quality Music?  or Do I Need a Large Studio to Create Quality Music?   Being a lover of music, and artist and an I.T. (Information Technology) expert. Jim is happy to provide his knowledge, expertise, and thoughts.   He tells us that No you really don’t need to have a large studio to make quality music, regardless if it’s to sell or for your own entertainment.

He went to describe that most people that want a big studio like Avatar to Abbey Road. He went on to say that the guys from Triumph, created Metal Works Studios because Gilmore wanted the drums sound big and expansive massive sounds. So they created these studios, these rooms for a particular purpose a particular sound. That’s why they called it Metal Works.

So they were recording acoustic drums, live microphones and lots of them.  That was you know back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.   We are talking thirty years ago analog, was it.   Did DAW exist, “sort-a, kind-a” more about that in a different discussion?

Today we have these wonderful things called Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) and some powerful computers that we can use to run them. Using these computers we can recreate those studio spaces in a virtual space.

So No. You don’t need a huge studio to record something very powerful. In fact, many of the studios are going this way. Not all of them there are some really beautiful studios out there still being built.

The wonderful thing for me is to say I don’t care if you’re in a big pro studio where there is millions and millions of dollars being spent. Or if you’re in a fairly low budget studio, we are actually at the Slick Audio studio, which is not that big of a studio you know. It is actually pretty small for the most part But it was set up properly We have the right monitoring solutions, we have the right acoustic properties for the room.  It was just set up right so I can recreate those big spaces if I wanted to record an analog set of drums or were going to use virtual instruments and I can actually use a drum kit that was recorded at Avatar Studio. Which I am going to show you in another video.

So again to recap NO you don’t need a big gigantic studio to make and produce a great tune. You can do that right the privacy of your own home or a non-commercial studio.

Tell us what your thoughts are?