Loving the Slick Audio Laptop

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Slick Audio Computer Customer Review

A recent testimonial from a satisfied customer, that purchase a Slick Audio Computer.

“Loving the Slick laptop thus far. Runs perfectly and I don’t have to think about it. I dove right in to an album mix project on it, and so far, not once, have I had to think about the computer. I can’t imagine any higher praise than that. :-)”



Melancon Guitar builds a Slick Audio Guitar

Slick Audio Guitar

Just in time for Christmas 2018, GERARD MELANCON  of Melancon Guitars made Jim’s holiday season just a little bit brighter.  He sent in a much anticipated “Slick Audio Guitar” that was made at Melancon studio.  Like a little kid, Jim checked his email several times a day over the last few days hoping that he would see an out for a delivery message.  And after much excitement, the email came in that the guitar was being delivered.

The AHHH’s and OOOO’s

We are happy to say the guitar arrived and after a painful wait for the guitar to warm up to the temperature of the room, which seemed to an eternity. We were able to open the now room temperature prized guitar and see the work that Gerard’s team had done.  We started with the case, which is stunning in itself a work of art, we then popped open the guitar to lots of AHHH’s and OOOO’s.  The smile from Jim’s face said it all the Slick Audio guitar was something of a work of art and needed to have its picture taken.  So we did and below are some of those pictures and the unboxing video that tells the rest of the story.  Gerard, you definitely made this big kid’s Christmas thank you for the beautiful work.

You Need A Melancon Guitar

Anyone out there considering a custom guitar from Melancon Guitars get one NOW they are beautiful. The Craftsmanship and effort to detail are outstanding and needs to be seen.  This guitar sounds great even without it plugged in, she can sing.  More videos and reviews to come so stay tuned.




Slick Audio as seen on Spectre VC

Glenn Fricker - Slick Audio

Glenn Fricker & SpectreSoundStudios 

Sas recently mentioned on a video from Glenn Fricker of Spectre Slick Audio wound Studios he has a very cool music review channel. (You Need to Check Him Out). He talks about everything you would want to know about recording audio, gear reviews, interviews with music insiders.  He does a great segment where he reads comments and questions he got online and man is it a fun watch.

His videos are powerful, with great insight and a level of honesty and comedy you are going to love.  So be sure to check him out then subscribe to his channel and hit that bell to get the alerts for his new stuff which he puts out a lot each week.

Mentioning Slick Audio

His latest video embedded below Glenn did a mention for Slick Audio take a few minutes to watch Glenn in action, and his kind words about Slick Audio.

Glenn Fricker is UNINSPIRING!!! | Spectre VC

Racking AMPS, Networking Guitars and New Studio Setup

Racking AMPS, Networking Guitars and New Studio Setup

Slick Audio has been doing some updates to the studio and thought we would bring some updates to everyone on some cool new changes that have been put in place.

Jim Slick of Slick Audio reviews some of the changes being made to the office studio. How to rack multiple amps, with live switching. (How you can use all your guitar amps easily by Racking your amps, Networking Guitars or Bass to switch between the amps live easily.) Jim also gives an overview of how to get your audio into your DAW Computer for recording.






Post Summer NAMM 2018 Review

Jim reviews Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville.

Summer NAMM 2018

Saturday wrapped up the last day for Summer NAMM 2018 in Nashville.  Which is always a great time and definitely worth going.  The event is a bit smaller than that of the main NAMM show in California, but since it’s in “Music City” or Nashville as many others know it as a thing to behold.

Slick Audio was at Summer NAMM 2018 to introduce a new small form factor Audio Recording Computer.   The M570  called the “The Most Powerful Portable DAW Computer” and rightly so this computer sports a new 8th gen i7 Intel processor 16GB of RAM, and a 500GB M.2 SSD. It also has built-in Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RadeonRX Vega M GL Graphics, as well as dual Ethernet and mDP and HDMI video outs. The M570 also has lots of USB and an SDXC card slot.

The M570 got a lot of attention from the attendees and exhibitors alike.  This little beast was running a session that would put most full-sized computers to shame.  424 tracks, 520 active plugins, and 24 active virtual instruments.   Onlookers were shocked by the performance that this little PC was giving such a large session.  In attendance to the rollout were friends like Rick Naqvi from PreSonus . 


The booth saw some additional interest from a few bloggers and YouTube personalities that are known for their love of Music and music creation.  Like Glenn Fricker, Spectre Sound Studios who doesn’t need much in the way of introduction if you’ve seen him online he tells it the way it is.   We will have his review of the Slick Audio T2100   which is coming soon.

 SMG with slick audio Summer NAMM 2018

We also had some time with Chris Selm of Mix Down Online its always a great time with him and we look forward to seeing his review of our computers.  Below is a video he did with us at NAMM show floor.  Check out his review and video on his page Mix Down Online.


And a very fun time speaking with Shueh-li Ong of Oceanachine she discussed music education in schools and women in technology like audio production and recording Jim had some thoughts on this and other music technologies.


Summer NAMM is always a good time and worth seeing.


Slick Audio became the main core of my studio.

Alex Argento’s kind words about our Slick Audio T4100 computer.

Two months ago this monster pc by Slick Audio became the main core of my studio.
Jim Slick, President/CEO of this company was extremely kind to send me their flagship model, the T4100 (a bit customized to fit my needs)
I wanted to test it very carefully before giving an honest opinion about it.
I did my best trying to stress this pc in every fu**ing way (both with audio and video applications) to push it to its limits…I’ve poorly failed!
Every time it’s like it’s telling me:” Come on! That’s all you’ve got??”
The secret behind this powerful pc is not only related to the hi-quality components inside it (which of course play their part), but the way the operating system was perfectly configured and optimized for audio and video applications.
I’m extremely impressed, really.

Feel free to check the following video made by Jim itself where he explains what the T4100 can really do:


Jim is a very down to earth guy and extremely helpful to answer all your questions about the audio/video pc world and more.
Feel free to get in touch with him.
Last but not least he is an hard Icefish fan..what could I ask for more? 
Jim, thanks a billion again for wanting to support me and Icefish. YOU ARE THE MAN!

His post on Facebook is below, check it out.

Two months ago this monster pc by Slick Audio became the main core of my studio. Jim Slick, President/CEO of this…

Posted by Alex Argento on Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Warrior Guitars – Draco #1

Dragon Guitar – Draco#1

If your a fan of beautiful art, dragons, and music then look no further than Warrior Guitars killer custom guitar called Draco #1.   Everyone around the office here knows just how much Jim is a fan of his guitars, and dragons so it seemed a natural conclusion to get a custom-made guitar from Warrior Guitars with a dragon on it but not just any decal or paint job would do this needed to be a unique one of a kind piece of art that rocks.  And yes it really does rock if take a look at the guitar once we unboxed it connected it to an amp and did a little “Testing”.  Well, all we can say is that not only is this guitar stunning it’s an AXE worthy of any warrior looking to do battle and slay music monsters.  But this guitar sings, screams, and crushes the pretty pretenders of which we know exist out there.  Remember just because its got nice paint does not make a guitar worthy of listening to.   Warrior Guitars custom works of art not just show pieces you can take this on the road with you play the show dazzle the audience with its beautiful tones and stunning beauty.


Warrior Guitars is a family run operation that we had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago at NAMM, it was then we knew that we found a builder who’s craft and ability could bring Draco the dragon guitar to life.  We think he not just got it right J.D. of Warrior Guitars really breathed the fire into the sole of Draco so thank you for a job well done.  You owe it to yourself to take a look at Warrior Guitars if you are looking for something special and need a truly powerful instrument then look no further.   Tell J.D. we sent you.

Slick Smile – Slick Audio Making Music & Smiles

Jim Slick, President & CEO of Slick Audio shows you something that we in the office refer to as a Slick Smile.    To everyone that does not have the pleasure of working here knows Jim loves his music.   He loves to listen to it, he loves to play it.  He can play several instruments like Piano, Accordion, Drums (kind of), Bass, but his favorite and go to instrument is a guitar.  When you see Jim in the office tuning, polishing, or playing one of his guitars you get to see that “Slick Smile”.    The Slick Smile sort of reminds you of a kid at Christmas a happiness that parents know all too well.  So we are sharing one of those moments when Jim just picks up his guitar and just has some fun.

Slick Says – Blog

Slick Audio Blog

Discussing all things related to recording and creating audio.   With 30+ years in Information Technology, and decades of being a professional musician Slick Audio has the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance on recording audio and how to do it like the pros.  Home Studios, for recording audio, are ever more available to amateur musician and the power of the internet can get you and your work noticed by the masses.  A seasoned pro, well no worry we can easily handle all your pro audio needs.  Will pro audio, gear, software, computer, interface, and everything a professional musician could ever want or need.

We hope to inform, inspire, and provide guidance from the perspective of musicians, that happen to be I.T. experts so you don’t have to be.  Let us impart some wisdom, a few laughs and even a bit of frustration all in the pursuit of the best audio you can record.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just for yourself, recording and producing a top-notch worship service, business commercials, game audio or for pro music recordings.  Slick Says Blog is designed for helping the music community.

Who will benefit from our blog?  Well anyone that wants to know more about recording audio or love technology.  But a few that will find it particularly useful will be.

  • Amateur Musicians
  • Game Audio 
  • Worship Services
  • Educational 
  • Pro Musicians
  • Home Musicians

Now to the fun stuff below are a few topics we feel passionate about or feel are worthy of sharing so please feel free to join in an and give us your thoughts.  But keep it friendly, remember it’s about the music, the song, or the love of music.


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If you’re an audio professional and Windows user, then the Slick Audio 5000 series might be the ultimate machine. Jim Slick of Slick Audio has been in the IT business for 33 years and is also a musician with a home studio. This crossover of knowledge along with collaborations with other industry veterans led to the development of the 5000 series — a pair of super high spec PCs that are optimized for use in audio, video and various other demanding situations. Jim talked us through the specs at Summer NAMM.  Full article.

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Performer Magazine T2000 Audio PC: Our Review

Jim takes a look at digital audio recording interfaces.

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