The Ultimate Audio PC

Custom Engineered Windows-Based Computers for Recording Audio and Post Production.  Use whatever DAW Software you like.
Slick M500-108X100

M500 / M550

Slick Audio M500 and M550 mobile audio PC for DAW’s.  No fan for super quiet recording in a tight space alonmg with two SSD’s!



Slick Audio L1000 is our 15.6″ laptop.  Packed with tons of power and storage, this laptop is ready for the road.


T2000 / R2000

Slick Audio T2000 tower or R2000 rack packs a huge punch for the price.


M3000 Mobile DAW

The Slick Audio M3000 will be a game changer.  Stay Tuned!


T4000 / R4000

Slick Audio T4000 tower or R4000 rack is a very powerful and upgradable audio PC.


T5000 / R5000

Slick Audio T5000 tower or R5000 rack is the monster of all audio PC’s.  When you need unrivaled power, this is what you need.  Dual Proc’s and up to 512GB of RAM!

Slick Audio can get you everything you need to complete your recording system. It doesn’t matter how big or small, whether you are playing in your bedroom, at the club, at worship services or working in a full Pro Studio.

Slick Audio has the Audio PC, DAW, DAW software, plugins, microphone pre-amps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, mixers, and control surfaces for you.

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